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I'm older . . . etc

So I began chapter 29 of my life last week.

I've had some realizations that I've come to over the last several years:

I'm not embarrassed to be a virgin, I'll do it IF and when I feel like; and only with the right person (i.e. not a whore or a one night stand). It's not a big deal to me now. And I really don't care about people talking about their sexual exploits, it's no one's damn concern how many partners you've had or how many times you've done it. To me, sex is very private.

Though several people I know are married or getting married, I really don't know if it's right for me. I mean yeah, I feel obligated to to a certain extent in order to keep my family lineage going . . . but I will have to find out that answer for myself. And yeah, I got another wedding to go to in September (another cousin of mine is getting married), so it's another chance for me to catch the garter (which I did at the last wedding I went to, which incidentally was another cousin's wedding, the sister of said bride this time). Ehh, maybe I'll actually dance for one the few times in my life.

And also . . . I'm completely out of touch with music. I don't see how you can tell all of the American Idol people apart. I guess I prefer the artistic brilliance of "Dark Side of The Moon" and "The Wall" by Pink Floyd to overproduced AI stuff. Same thing with TV, I honestly can't tell any reality shows apart; same skanks and jocks, different shows IMO.

Well I feel better now that I've written this down. Though it may sound like I'm old/bitter, I'm 100% honest with how I feel here.


Happy Birthday!

It's great that you're being true to yourself. Keep to it :)