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I still have a LJ?

Good god . . . it's been over a year since I last wrote here; I've even forgotten I've had this (sprays out cobwebs, dust, mold, etc).

Anyhow, some important realizations I've had about my life direction. I honestly don't see myself ever getting married or having children. I've had those feelings for years going back to my youth, but never really admitted the full truth to myself until recently. My parents were slightly disappointed, but just want me to be happy/content with myself.

My sexuality . . . well I'm straight, yet I've never really had much desire for sex. I have no shame in admitting that at almost 32 I'm still a virgin. Not to say I won't do it or get romantically involved with someone . . but that'll happen if/when I feel like it.

Job front . . . did a 6 month PC deployment project in '11 . . . finally found a job doing inventory auditing for RGIS. Hours vary week to week . . . early mornings/late nights . . . but I manage.

I know I have a purpose in life . . .


See, I complain about how dead LJ is, and people who haven't posted in a year show up. Boy, I'm awesome ;)

Seriously, nice to hear from you on LJ, Jason.